Chad Gable has emerged to become a top fixture on Monday Night RAW these days. His WWE contract was due to expire in June 2024, but the two parties have successfully negotiated new agreement.

The WWE Universe can now see the presence of The Master in WWE for the foreseeable future. Moreover, Gable has been a prominent figure on television since the fall of 2023, notably engaging in a feud with Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

In a recent interview on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg,  Chad Gable emphasized the importance of having options, stating that if he chose not to re-sign with WWE, it wouldn’t necessarily mean joining another wrestling promotion.

The Alpha Academy highlighted his genuine interest in pursuing other passions, such as motion graphics, filmmaking, and production, given his Masters’ Degrees. Gable mentioned he always envisioned a low-key departure from wrestling, quietly stepping away without fanfare, possibly exploring opportunities in Hollywood or creating title sequences.


“”It’s great for everybody to have options. Everybody will quickly jump to the conclusion that if I were to not re-sign, I’d be going somewhere else. The reality is, the Masters Degree thing is real. I do have the Degrees and I have other interests. Motion graphics, filmmaking, all these things. Production is very interesting to me and a passion of mine. I thought a cool aspect that some people tend to do is that when their contracts come up or when they’re done wrestling, they just disappear and ride off into the sunset. It’s not some big fanfare. That’s the way I always saw myself. Who knows. I don’t know what I would have done. I may have tried to go to Hollywood and tried making films or title sequences. I don’t know where my head was at. I was kind of open to everything for awhile there as I was considering it. I always like the idea of once you’re done, just drift off and people say goodbye and that’s it, you’re done.” 

After re-signing with WWE, Chad Gable now finds himself as the prime target of The Wyatt Sicks, who have been constantly tormenting him on RAW, including this week. We will have to wait and see if this leads to Gable squaring off against the man leading the charge of the notorious faction, Uncle Howdy.

What are your thoughts on Chad Gable revealing his options had he not re-signed with WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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