Dijak’s departure from WWE surprised many fans, especially since his name was recently included in the 2024 WWE Draft. However, WWE had not utilized him yet, which posed a problem. Dijak has openly discussed his final days with the company.

The former Retribution member’s exit comes just over a month after he was called up to the RAW roster in the 2024 WWE Draft, without making any appearances on the show. It’s unknown what might have happened if he had waited for WWE to develop a creative plan for him. He was a dedicated member of the roster and, as a member of the Retribution stable, proved his willingness to commit fully to any gimmick to win over fans.

In an interview with Fightful, Dijak detailed his Draft call-up. He revealed that he knew he was “f*cked” as soon as his name was announced, and had much more to say about his experience.

“I’m sitting there during the draft. The draft is a shoot. Nobody knows what’s happening. I’m watching the names. There is an angel and demon on my shoulder. Part of me is sitting there grumpy because I thought it would be funny and I’m in character. Why would I stand an applaud? Internally, I’m thinking, ‘You’ve been told there are plans for you to be in the main event picture for the NXT Championship. Also, your contract is up in a month or so.’ There is an argument in my head, ‘Do you want to stay in NXT with Trick and have this cool feud. Will they renew you in NXT? That will be weird and an awkward conversation. You’re on a main roster contract still.’ It’s a weird middle ground.


“I watch the names get listed off. As they keep going, I’m like, ‘Uh oh.’ I’m thinking, the further this goes, the more likely I am to be in the supplemental draft. If I’m in the supplemental draft, I’m f**ked. It just means ‘we don’t care.’ I’m watching the names. They get to the last name, ‘Maybe if it’s on TV, it’s salvaged.’ I think the last name is Blair Davenport. Everyone is clapping. ‘Please still be in NXT.’ Whoever was doing the announcing, they were like, ‘We have one more announcement.’

“The second I heard those words, everything clicked together, ‘I’m so screwed.’ I texted my wife or friends or all of them, ‘I think I’m completely screwed.’ I’m connecting the dots. My contract ends in one month, they’re going to call me up in the supplemental draft, that means they don’t have anything for me, that means I’m going to come down to the wire, that means they’re going to bend me over the barrel or fire me.’ I’m connecting all these dots. Meanwhile, there are cameras on me, and I have play pretend that I’m happy. In a sense, I am because they’re cheering for me and supporting me. I’m like, ‘None of these people know what I know.’ Maybe they did, but certainly not the talent.

“I didn’t just go to NXT. I went back to the Performance Center. I live in New Hampshire. I’m flying down to the PC weeks at a time to train with people, do classes with the younger kids and give back. I’m all in on this Performance Center lifestyle. They’re all shoot happy for me. In my head, I’m like, ‘I’m f**ked.’ I try to stay positive. ‘You’re on Raw. Maybe there is a plan.’ I go to the first Raw. There is nothing on the sheet. You start playing the WWE game. ‘Maybe it’s this.’ The more you try to justify it, the more you go deeper in your brain. ‘Yup, you’re f**ked.’”

It’s uncertain if Tony Khan will offer Dijak a big money contract. Michin remains with WWE, but she is the only Retribution member left. Mustafa Ali, Mace, and now T-Bar have all had to explore other career opportunities. Dijak’s situation is intriguing as he could be a valuable free agent for any company willing to give him a chance.

What’s your take on Dijak’s WWE departure? Do you think they could have used him better? Let us know in the comments section!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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