The terror unleashed by Uncle Howdy and his faction, The Wyatt Sicks, intensified on the June 24 edition of Monday Night RAW, following their destructive actions in previous weeks.

The unsettling sequence unfolded after Chad Gable clinched victory in the Money in the Bank triple-threat qualifier. As Gable celebrated, a mysterious woman from The Wyatt Sicks approached, delivering box to Michael Cole. Inside was a VHS tape that would unravel dark revelations.

Cole, urged by curiosity or perhaps coercion, played the tape in the production truck. Viewers watched in shock as Uncle Howdy appeared in a dimly lit setting, engaging in an eerie dialogue with none other than Bo Dallas, his alter-ego.

The conversation turned deeply emotional as Howdy probed Dallas about his late brother, Bray Wyatt. Dallas visibly struggled with conflicting emotions, evidently haunted by memories of his brother. Howdy’s mention of carrying Bray’s legacy to forge his own path seemed to trigger Dallas, who expressed a fervent desire to emulate his brother and fight alongside him.


In a chilling twist, Uncle Howdy asserted that he and his faction were there to “save” Bo Dallas, prompting a disquieting response from Dallas, hinting at a troubling acceptance.

The segment concluded on a foreboding note, leaving viewers and the WWE universe speculating about the ominous intentions of The Wyatt Sicks and their unsettling influence over Bo Dallas.

Stay tuned as the saga of Uncle Howdy and The Wyatt Sicks continues to unfold, promising more spine-chilling developments in the WWE universe.

What are your thoughts on Uncle Howdy making it personal and corrupting Bo Dallas on RAW? Sound off in the comments!

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