The latest episode of WWE SmackDown, airing on June 21, has garnered widespread acclaim as one of the strongest editions of the company’s programming this year. Fans and critics alike have praised several key moments from the show, including the debut of Jacob Fatu, Drew McIntyre’s hometown revenge on CM Punk, and compelling Money In The Bank qualifying matches.

Amidst this positive reception, WWE’s recent appointment of John Swikata as the lead writer for SmackDown has drawn attention. According to reports, Swikata’s influence on his first episode seems somewhat limited, as many of the episode’s plans were reportedly already in motion before his promotion.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio discussed Swikata’s initial impact, noting that while Swikata did introduce a couple of new elements, much of the episode’s success was attributed to pre-existing storylines and setups. Meltzer mentioned that significant plotlines like Jacob Fatu’s debut and the ongoing Bloodline storyline involving Roman Reigns were already long-term plans before Swikata assumed his new role.

Meltzer commented on the show’s quality, stating, “Friday’s show was awesome. I think it was maybe the best episode of SmackDown all year.” However, he clarified, “Most of that episode was written before him,” indicating that while Swikata made some contributions, the core structure and major developments were set before his tenure began.


“All the Bloodline stuff was set up. He did have one or two things that were new, new twists that were in there. But like the Jacob Fatu thing, that’d been planned for a long, long time. And everything in that angle – Solo saying ‘he’s never coming back’ about Roman Reigns, that was all planned.”

“The winners of those matches were all planned. Drew coming back, that’s been planned for a while.”

As WWE fans await future episodes under Swikata’s leadership, there is anticipation regarding potential changes and new creative directions he may implement moving forward.

It remains to be seen how Swikata will leave his mark on SmackDown in the coming weeks and months, as he settles into his role as head writer for one of WWE’s flagship shows.

What are your thoughts on the recent episode of SmackDown and the debut of Jacob Fatu? How do you feel about the appointment of John Swikata as the lead writer and his potential impact on future storylines? Share your opinions and excitement in the comments below!

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