WWE World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest has addressed the injury scare from his match against Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle on June 15. During a high-risk middle rope springboard move to the ringside area, Priest’s ankle got caught in the ropes, nearly resulting in disaster.

Despite this mishap, Priest managed to finish the match, though he was visibly limping afterward. In the post-show press conference, Priest revealed that he had not yet been examined by doctor but believed he was alright. He remarked:

“It feels like trash right now. I didn’t even go to medical yet so I could do this and talk to you guys and answer your questions, so you’re all welcome. Docs will check it out, but I ain’t going anywhere. I was able to beat Drew McIntyre on one foot so I’m pretty sure I’m all good to go.”


Dave Meltzer provided further insight on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, noting that the injury isn’t as severe as initially feared. He stated:

“I actually heard from them and the preliminary news wasn’t bad, they’re actually saying it’s like a miracle. It wasn’t as bad as they feared, but nothing is conclusive.”

As Damian Priest addresses the injury scare following his Clash at the Castle match against Drew McIntyre, WWE fans breathe a sigh of relief amid initial concerns. Despite an ankle mishap during a daring move, Priest’s determination saw him through to victory, though he acknowledges the discomfort. Ringside News continue to provide updates on Damian Priest’s condition as more information becomes available.

What are your thoughts on Damian Priest’s resilience in finishing the match despite his injury scare at Clash at the Castle? How do you think such incidents impact a wrestler’s career and the ongoing storyline? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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