Professional wrestling boasts numerous promotions worldwide catering to diverse fan bases, including the NWA. Recently, Bryan Idol, one of its top stars, inked a multi-year deal with the company, disclosing the length of his contract.

Previously, it was reported that Bryan Idol signed a multi-year contract with the NWA without further details. However, in an interview with Steve Fall for Ringside News, Bryan Idol revealed that his contract spans three years.

Idol expressed that his contract and position in the company align with his skills beyond wrestling, making it a win-win for both him and the NWA. He appreciates the structure of the deal, which offers room for growth, something he finds appealing. Idol emphasized that he’s not the type to demand money without contributing significantly.

Idol is committed to backing up his words with action and sees growth opportunities as a chance to excel. He envisions himself as a driving force capable of propelling the company to new heights and is excited about his role within the organization.


“The contract and my position in the company cater to what my skills are outside the ring as well, and I think it’s a tremendous win for everybody involved—you know, me, the NWA. It’s set in such a way that, honestly, I like it. There’s room to go up, and I want that. I’m not someone who’s demanding a bag of money just to sit on my hands. I always put my money where my mouth is, so when there’s room to grow, I’m like, let’s grow. I feel like you can hitch me on your back, and I’ll be a rocket ship and take you where you need to go. I’m really excited about the direction we’re going in and the position I have. That’s outstanding. It’s a three-year deal, and you bring up a point—that’s the real truth. If you want to have extra value, some hater or somebody else might say, ‘Oh, you have to do extra stuff other than just wrestle.’ I don’t see the downside.”

According to Idol, the three-year deal is significant. While some might see added responsibilities beyond wrestling as a downside, Idol doesn’t share that view. He pointed out that figures like Hulk Hogan and The Rock have demonstrated the value of being more than just wrestlers. Idol considers the opportunity to apply his skills in marketing and other areas within the company a blessing.

Idol reiterated the three-year duration of the contract, acknowledging that while it might seem long-term to some, it’s just the beginning for him. If he has his way, he would prefer to stay with the NWA for the rest of his life, whether that’s 20, 50, or even 100 years. As long as the current trajectory continues, Idol doesn’t see himself wanting to go anywhere else.

“All the way back to Hulk Hogan—he’s a marketing genius too in a lot of ways, and The Rock, all of them—they’re more than just wrestlers. When you get a chance to directly put that stuff to use in the company, it’s a blessing. Again, it’s a three-year deal. You say long-term, but that’s not the longest. Look, three years is the start. If I have my way, I’m telling you, I mean, a lot of people say this, but I’d prefer to stay here for the rest of my life. Whether that’s 20 years or 50 years, even 100 years, I’m good. I don’t envision myself trying to go anywhere else as long as we’re on this track.”

Additionally, we previously reported that Natalia Markova has signed multi-year deal with the NWA. Regardless, Bryan Idol is clearly committed to the NWA for the long haul, seeing a big future in the company, and that’s what matters most.

Embracing opportunities in marketing and other areas, Idol sees his role as a chance to elevate both himself and the organization. With aspirations to remain with the NWA indefinitely, Idol’s vision for a long-term partnership reflects his dedication to shaping the company’s future success in professional wrestling.

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