The fall of WCW remains a major subject within the wrestling community, with its demise attributed to a multitude of factors and that’s why the ‘Who Killed WCW?’ docuseries has become such a huge topic of discussion. With that said, it appears Kevin Nash has admitted that he was stoned while filming the docuseries.

As previously reported, the ”Who Killed WCW?” docuseries was produced by Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions and the series premiered on June 4 on VICE TV.

As WCW experiences a resurgence with the release of the docuseries “Who Killed WCW?,” Kevin Nash finds himself prominently featured due to his pivotal role in the company’s history. Nash, alongside Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan, played a crucial part in WCW’s rise during the Monday Night Wars by forming the nWo faction. However, his contributions to WCW’s eventual downfall are also expected to be explored in the series, according to former colleagues and insiders.

Despite the potentially contentious subject matter, Nash remains remarkably composed about “Who Killed WCW?” In a recent episode of Kliq This, Nash shared his relaxed perspective on the situation, suggesting that those who still harbor animosity from that era should let go of any grudges. He admitted to being in a very laid-back state during his interviews for the docuseries as he was completely stoned.


“Anybody that’s not over it, you know…anyone that holds a grudge to anybody, I don’t know,” Nash said. “I’m just not that person…I don’t think I could be more cavalier in this thing…They weren’t paying me that much. I was stoned to the f*****g bone.”

Vince Russo also named the person whom he believes was responsible for WCW’s downfall. Nevertheless, we’ll have to see what conclusion the docuseries will arrive n in the end.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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