GUNTHER already had a record-breaking Intercontinental Championship reign but that wasn’t enough as he became the King of The Ring winner as well today. However, GUNTHER’s King of The Ring win was full of controversy and now Triple H has addressed the same.

During the King and Queen of The Ring Premium Live Event, GUNTHER took on Randy Orton in the finals of the King of The Ring tournament. The match delivered on its promise of intensity, with both competitors enduring significant punishment. In the climax, Gunther managed to secure pinfall victory over Orton, marking a significant milestone in his WWE career by becoming the new King of the Ring.

However, the victory was not without controversy. Observant members of the WWE Universe noticed a crucial error by the referee: Randy Orton’s shoulder was not fully on the mat during the pinfall, raising questions about the legitimacy of GUNTHER’s win.

Triple H took to Twitter and uploaded a video of himself addressing the aforementioned controversy. Triple H acknowledged that from his live vantage point, the situation appeared unclear, but upon reviewing the footage, he noted that Randy Orton’s shoulder wasn’t down, indicating a potential error in the referee’s decision. Despite this, Triple H emphasized that the referee’s decision is final, confirming GUNTHER as the current King of The Ring.


However, Triple H expressed a desire to rectify the situation, stating that both Randy Orton and GUNTHER deserve another opportunity to compete without controversy. He highlighted Orton’s injuries, noting that he is currently recovering from knee and back issues, which may delay a rematch. Even then, Triple H expressed confidence that both wrestlers would eagerly return to the ring to settle the dispute and prove their worthiness for the King of The Ring title.

”So live, I was out there. My vantage point was very difficult to see. Coming back here and seeing it back, I saw what everybody saw. Didn’t even seem very controversial to me, just seemed like Randy Orton’s shoulder wasn’t down. But I’ll say this, referee’s decision is final and GUNTHER is your King of The Ring. That being said, I certainly wanna see that again. I think Randy Orton deserves to have another shot at that and I think GUNTHER will want to have another shot at that to take the controversy out, to take the asterisk off the page where it says King of The Ring. I think he wants to prove he is better than Randy Orton. Randy is pretty banged up, both his knee and back. I think it’ll be a moment or two before he is ready to step back with GUNTHER, but when he is – let’s go.”

GUNTHER has already given his first remarks following his King of The Ring win. Regardless, we will have to wait and see when GUNTHER and Randy Orton will have another match to fix this situation once and for all.

When do you feel the rematch should take place? Sound off in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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