Former WWE Superstar Ryback is about to make headlines again—not for his wrestling moves, but for his online antics. The wrestler, known for his intense persona, has taken his signature move, “Shell Shock,” to social media, blocking a whopping 22,426 users on Twitter.

In recent episode of Ryback TV, the former WWE star revealed the extent of his social media cleanup during a call-in segment with a regular contributor, Seany. When asked about his block list, Ryback didn’t hold back.

“Let’s go to the update on the block list here. I haven’t checked it. Alright, so here we go Seany. This is the update-to-date block list on it on X. I got over 1.35 million followers. Most of these people aren’t my followers. Some of them probably were but a majority of them were not to begin with on that. My account’s f*cked either way. 22,426 people blocked and I got 7,778 muted. So between blocks and mutes we are just around 30k.”

Ryback’s approach to handling online criticism highlights Ryback’s challenges as a public figure in maintaining their mental well-being in the digital age. While his methods might be controversial, they certainly underscore the complex relationship Ryback has with social media.


Ryback’s unique way of dealing with negativity reflects the broader issues that come with fame and the constant scrutiny on social platforms. His strategy, though debatable, reveals the lengths to which Ryback will go to protect his mental health.

What are your thoughts on Ryback’s social media strategy? Does Ryback currently have you blocked? Share your opinions and join the discussion in the comments below!

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