AEW President Tony Khan is well-known for his passion for pro wrestling, but he often faces criticism for his booking decisions and social media antics. Recently, the internet was abuzz after Konnan accused Khan of not allowing AEW talent to watch the 2023 Royal Rumble. In light of the backlash, Konnan has now addressed fan accusations that he lied about the entire situation.

On his “Keeping It 100” podcast, Konnan claimed that Tony Khan issued directive forbidding AEW talent from watching the Royal Rumble last year, particularly when Cody Rhodes made his return from injury and won the match.

“But bro, he had given out that day the order that if he found out anybody was watching Cody at the Royal Rumble when he returned and won, he [Tony Khan] basically gave an edict: ‘I better not find anybody watching that show.’”

This claim led to widespread discussion and skepticism online, with many believing Konnan was simply being bitter. One fan, in particular, suggested that Konnan had several reasons to lie about the story.


“He has several reasons to make it up.”

Konnan took to Twitter to respond to the fan, addressing and debunking potential reasons for why he might fabricate the story. He dismissed reasons such as wanting a job in AEW or that Khan worked with CMLL, who are at odds with Konnan’s AAA promotion.

“Let me guess, because Tony also works with CMLL…Wrong. Because I want a job there…wrong. Because you don’t like me…probably the laziest excuse and untrue reasons. It just can’t be that I didn’t like the segment or match…We have put over matches and wrestlers but you never hear that…EVER.”

For the record, Konnan had already rejected the idea of working with Tony Khan. He also addressed AEW stars attending last year’s Royal Rumble despite his claim. Regardless, Tony Khan may never respond to this accusation made by Konnan, and perhaps that is for the best.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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