The Undertaker’s surprising appearance at WrestleMania 40 during Sunday’s main event left the audience in awe. His unanticipated arrival, especially when he confronted The Rock, was a standout moment. Now, Cody Rhodes has revealed a special interaction he had with The Deadman at the show.

At WrestleMania 40’s main event, a surprising twist unfolded as The Final Boss executed a Rock Bottom on John Cena. As the match intensified, the arena erupted with the iconic sound of The Undertaker’s gong, sparking a frenzy of excitement among the audience.

Zeroing in on The Rock, The Deadman delivered a thunderous chokeslam during the epic clash between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. His sudden appearance and powerful move left the crowd stunned, and just as swiftly as he emerged, The Undertaker vanished.

While speaking on The Babyfaces Podcast, Cody Rhodes shared a memorable moment involving The Undertaker. He recounted how The Undertaker rolled into the ring with a speed reminiscent of Ricochet or Chad Gable. Before the lights cut out to signal the WWE Hall of Famer’s exit, The Undertaker winked at Rhodes. Cody described this as one of the most special moments ever.


”I got a little kind of secret about that spot (at WrestleMania XL) that I’ve never actually shared so here’s a first-time, some breaking news: When the blackout happens on TV, it’s completely dark. When the blackout happens in the arena, your eyes are adjusted to where you actually can see kind of what’s going on in the ring and so, the gong hits, the place loses their mind. Roman (Reigns) has leveled me prior to this. So I’m just kind of laying there almost dead to rights. Hanging on, trying to catch my breath. But I saw, out of the corner of my eye, The Undertaker roll in the ring at a speed that was like a Ricochet would roll in the ring, a Chad Gable would roll in the ring, a speed that if anyone’s wondering, oh, I wonder if it’s still there. Oh my gosh, it was like a lion.

Legit like watching a lion who’d been sleeping on the rock all day and then he just went out and did it but, when he chokeslams The Rock, I got to make eye contact with him ever so briefly and I think he maybe wanted to have a moment, maybe not. I could be overestimating my importance to The Undertaker here. But, he winked at me. He winked at me and then the lights went out and it was like legitimate magic had just happened… All the times he struck people with lightning, all the times — he did it. It’s literally just as he gave me a nice (wink), the lights went out and I couldn’t believe it and it’s, to me, one of the most special things ever. He’s told this story before: I didn’t sleep the night after WrestleMania. I left him a rambling, good four-minute voice memo about just what that night meant to me and him showing up to be part of my crew was unbelievable.”

Cody Rhodes dethroned Roman Reigns to become the Undisputed WWE Champion and he has since been booked well as the champion. Nevertheless, he will always appreciate The Undertaker and that’s all that matters.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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