Liv Morgan has made a huge impact following her return to WWE at the start of 2024 after being inactive. However, she faced a major setback back in December 2023 when she was arrested in Florida.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion was taken into custody in Sumter County, Florida, following a traffic stop. She faced charges of possession of marijuana (not exceeding 20 grams) and potential possession of synthetic cannabinoids at 6:30 PM the previous evening. The arrest occurred after a sheriff’s deputy noticed the yellow jeep she was driving crossing the lines of a County Road. The 29-year-old WWE Superstar spent only a short time behind bars.

Now, months after that fateful night, the popular series ‘Law and Crime’ has released body cam footage of Liv Morgan’s arrest that took place in December 2023. The video shows the sheriff in charge stopping Morgan after finding her driving back and forth while trying to get past her on the road to reach a crash site.

Liv can then be seen calling her mother and informing her about the aforementioned vap claiming it to not be hers. The officer then questions her about smoking marijuana after smelling its odor. Morgan denies taking the substance but agrees to its possession in her car. Following that, another video shows the officer searching the car, going through her diary, and recognizing her as WWE Superstar Liv Morgan.


As it is known, Liv Morgan posted bail and was released at 10:04 PM that same night. While months have passed since that horrific night, the Miracle Kid has seemingly left it in her rearview and is gearing up for a huge WWE Women’s World Title opportunity against Becky Lynch at WWE King and Queen of the Ring in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in two weeks.

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