Titus O’Neil, the WWE superstar and company ambassador, is set to release his second book titled ‘Wrestling With Fatherhood’ this September, published by ECW Press.

Following a successful career in college football and WWE, O’Neil regards fatherhood as his greatest achievement. Despite being named Celebrity Father of the Year in 2015, he acknowledges the imperfections of parenting. In ‘Wrestling with Fatherhood,’ O’Neil candidly shares his parenting journey, encompassing both triumphs and setbacks, with the hope of offering insights to others.

Becoming a father 19 years ago marked the beginning of O’Neil’s parental journey, followed by the arrival of his second son two years later. Raised without a father himself, O’Neil navigated the challenges of single parenthood and later welcomed a teenage daughter through adoption. His memoir delves into the highs and lows of raising children, providing guidance and relatable anecdotes for those encountering similar situations. Each chapter addresses crucial parenting topics, complemented by personal stories, advice, and contributions from celebrity acquaintances.

Through his experiences, O’Neil connects with a diverse audience of parents confronting various trials. ‘Wrestling With Fatherhood’ follows his first book, ‘There Is No Such Thing as a Bad Kid,’ published in 2019, both aimed at nurturing children and families.


While O’Neil hasn’t competed in WWE since 2020, his impact extends beyond the wrestling ring through his advocacy and literary contributions.

What are your thoughts on Titus O’Neil’s upcoming book, ‘Wrestling With Fatherhood,’ and its focus on his parenting journey? Are you interested in reading about his experiences and insights into fatherhood, and do you think his book will resonate with a wide audience of parents? Share your thoughts and anticipation for O’Neil’s latest literary venture in the comments below!

H Jenkins

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