WWE has clearly transitioned into a new era, with significant changes in the product that have drawn unprecedented attention and engagement. There’s also been a noticeable increase in edgier content this year and unsurprisingly, even The Undertaker is now pushing for edgier content in WWE.

With Triple H now leading WWE’s creative vision, there has been a shift toward a more mature approach to storytelling. This change has been exemplified by moments such as allowing Cody Rhodes to bleed during an angle with The Rock, a practice that had been previously restricted.

While speaking on the Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker recently commented on the state of pro wrestling, noting the absence of kayfabe and secrets in the industry. He then pondered about the balance between pushing the envelope and maintaining authenticity in today’s wrestling landscape.

While acknowledging The Rock’s influence in expanding wrestling’s reach and making the business even hotter, The Deadman expressed a desire for more edgier content, reminiscent of The Attitude Era. The Undertaker reminisced about the physicality and roughhouse nature of past eras, as he wants to see more fist fights and less emphasis on choreographed moves in the ring. He reflected on the Attitude Era’s focus on gritty realism and physicality as a point of reference for his sentiments.


”There really is no kayfabe or secret to anything anymore, so how far do you push the envelope? I mean, Rock obviously helped that because he’s the biggest star in the world, right? I mean, he has his hands in everything. But I don’t really know. I don’t have a clear thought. Personally, I’d like to see a little edgier product because that’s what I did. That’s what my era, for most of my career, was about. So, as a nostalgia piece, I guess, yeah, I’d love to see a little more edgier content and a little more physicality. Like rough house physicality, not that what they’re doing isn’t physically demanding, it’s crazy physical, but I’m just talking about wanting to see more fist fights and a little less dancing. That was kind of what the Attitude Era was about, I’m sure.”

We have also reported that while the PG era might not end in WWE, there will be more leeway in the content fans see from time to time. Therefore, The Undertaker might just get his wish and see more edgier and grittier content soon enough.

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