Drew McIntyre stormed into the arena, looking visibly angry as he opened tonight’s edition of RAW, and his simmering rage palpable as he immediately targeted his longtime adversary, CM Punk.

The Scottish Warrior wasted no time in accusing Punk of dodging him, citing a series of instances where Punk conveniently avoided facing him, as witnessed over the last few weeks on Monday Night RAW.

He went on to launch a verbal barrage towards The Best in the World, firing shots at his Straight Edge lifestyle and being a constant liar towards the WWE Universe. Drew McIntyre then took to his X following the segment on RAW to label every person who is a CM Punk fan to be ‘stupid.’

“You buy all the crap he spews.
You trust him when all he’s done is betray your trust.
I don’t like to call people stupid.
But if you’re a CM Punk fan you’re stupid.”


As seen further during that segment, Damien Priest confronted Mcintyre in response to some comments launched towards him as well. After the current World Heavyweight Champion reminded Drew McIntyre of his own failures and his ego getting the best of him, he extended fair opportunity for a World Championship match to McIntyre once his elbow had fully healed, signaling his willingness to settle their differences inside the squared circle and shift his attention from CM Punk to regain the gold.

What are your thoughts on Drew McIntyre labeling every CM Punk to be stupid? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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