Monday Night RAW kicked off with an explosive confrontation as Drew McIntyre stormed into the arena, his anger palpable as he immediately set his sights on his longtime rival, CM Punk. McIntyre wasted no time in accusing Punk of avoiding him, highlighting a pattern of evasion over the past few weeks, including a timely departure just as McIntyre arrived last week.

But McIntyre wasn’t done there. He turned his ire towards Damien Priest, whom he branded a ‘paper champion’ for cashing in his Money in the Bank contract to snatch the World Heavyweight Championship away from McIntyre at WrestleMania 40. McIntyre didn’t mince words, expressing his disdain for Priest’s actions and his belief that he deserved the championship spotlight.

Responding to McIntyre’s accusations, Damien Priest emerged from the shadows to confront his accuser head-on. Standing in the center of the ring, Priest reminded McIntyre of the numerous times he had thwarted his attempts to cash in before WrestleMania, prioritizing his feud with Punk over Priest’s own triumph and the well-being of his family. The tension between the two superstars crackled as they exchanged heated words, each defending their own position and legacy.

In a surprising turn, Priest offered McIntyre a fair opportunity for a World Championship match once his elbow had healed, signaling a willingness to settle their differences in the ring. With the stage set for a showdown between two RAW powerhouses, the WWE universe eagerly awaits to see who will emerge victorious and carry the prestigious World Heavyweight Title forward.


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