Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were viewed as one of the most legendary duos in the history of professional wrestling, as they were the voice of several generations as part of the WWE commentary team. In fact, Ross believes he will reunite with Lawler eventually.

According to PWInsider, Jerry Lawler officially parted ways with WWE, signaling the end of a long-standing association that began in December 1992 when he made his surprise debut on WWF Prime Time Wrestling. Sources indicate that WWE opted not to renew Lawler’s broadcasting contract, which expired at the beginning of 2024.

However, Jerry Lawler still has a Legends deal with WWE and that allows him to remain connected to the company in different capacity. On his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross shared his thoughts on the recent news that Jerry Lawler has parted ways with WWE. Ross expressed hope that he and Lawler might reunite in the future.

“I felt bad about this week’s news about Lawler, my partner. You know, I don’t think that he and I have worked our last match together, I really don’t believe that. I think somewhere down the road, if nothing else it’ll be at an appearance. You’ll notice he never wears his Hall of Fame ring. But he’ll wear the frigging Superman ring until the cows come home. I’ve never seen him wear it. That’s just king, Superman takes bigger priority than the WWE Hall of Fame.”


Since Lawler is no longer a contracted announcer for WWE, there has been speculation that AEW might reunite them, with Tony Khan possibly interested in getting them back together. Ross clarified that he has no knowledge of any plans in that direction and that such decisions are not his to make. However, he sees potential for Lawler and him to actually work in some capacity.

“He’s gonna be fine. He’s always lived within his means. I doubt if he’s got any debt, even on his real estate, he owns a huge, beautiful home in Memphis. I stayed there many times, it’s pretty good. So we’re pulling him for him in all all aspects. I just think that JR and the King in an appearance is marketable after all these years together, so we’ll see how that works out.

I’m not saying that He’s gonna join the staff at AEW whatsoever. I don’t have any idea about that. And nor do I want to know, it’s not my place to hire talent. But I certainly feel in my bones that there’ll be opportunities for he and I worked together, whether it be on a TV show, a one-off type thing, certainly some appearances.”

Due to him being on a Legends contract, fans shouldn’t expect Jerry Lawler to be part of AEW or any other major promotion. Regardless, it remains to be seen what’s next in store for the WWE Hall of Famer.

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