Fans were understandably worried last year when Jerry Lawler suffered stroke in February, but his recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. Although he briefly appeared on WWE television after the health scare, recent developments suggest that Lawler has bid farewell to the WWE universe.

Reports from PWInsider reveal that Jerry Lawler has officially parted ways with WWE. Sources indicate that WWE quietly opted not to extend Lawler’s broadcast contract, bringing an end to a relationship that began in December 1992 when Lawler made a surprising debut on WWF Prime Time Wrestling. It’s been confirmed that his contract with WWE expired at the beginning of 2024.

The news of Lawler’s departure from WWE has only started circulating in recent weeks. This timing, in part, can be attributed to Lawler’s low profile as he focused on recuperating from the stroke he suffered in February 2023. Given Lawler’s extensive history with WWE and his previous health scare involving a live television heart attack, his exit from the company has caught many in the industry off guard.

Insiders suggest that under the previous leadership of WWE, Lawler would likely have been retained in some capacity, given his substantial contributions to the company over the years. However, with the recent corporate restructuring described as ushering in a “new era,” such long-standing relationships seem less assured.


One source commented, “The old company is dead. People can say they hate Vince [McMahon] and Kevin [Dunn] all they want, and they’d be right to do so, but certain people would have been taken care of. Lawler would have been one, but this isn’t the old WWE. Howard Finkel, God bless him, wouldn’t have had a job for life here anymore, either.”

Despite the surprise of Lawler’s departure, fans can take solace in the fact that he remains in good health. Lawler’s tenure in WWE saw him become an iconic figure in professional wrestling, known for his energetic commentary, sharp wit, and unforgettable rivalries. His contributions spanned over three decades, shaping some of WWE’s most memorable moments. As Lawler embarks on the next chapter post-WWE, fans eagerly await to see what’s in store for the legendary wrestler from Memphis.

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