Adam Copeland is one of the most regarded and talented in-ring veterans of the business coming to prominence with his tenure in the global juggernaut, WWE, as Edge and recently revealed an interesting anecdote from his time there.

The Ultimate Opportunist recently reflected on his tenure as WWE Champion during his second reign and discussed the design of the Rated R spinner WWE Championship in an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet.

Adam Copeland expressed his thoughts on the polarizing title, acknowledging its commercial appeal but questioning its suitability for a World Champion. Regarding the Rated R spinner championship, Copeland suggested that its creation may have been primarily driven by a desire to boost merchandise sales.

Moreover, the notion of walking out with a spinning title belt didn’t sit well with the former WWE Champion, hinting at a disconnect between the flashy design and the rich lineage associated with the championship.


“I just, I don’t know. Again, I think for me, I come from that, that, that timeframe where the designs meant something, you know, and I just, I understood the, the, you know, the commercial appeal. Um, but I, I feel like that was truly done just to sell titles and it worked and it worked, but I don’t know. I just, as a world heavyweight champion, you walk out and there’s something spinning on you. It just didn’t, I don’t know, to me, it just didn’t fit.”

As it is known, Adam Copeland took his first retirement in 2011 from WWE. After 9 years away from the business, he came back to the company in 2020 with his second tenure lasting till 2023 when WWE only wanted to present him as part time attraction.

It was then that Copeland decided to make a switch to their rival competitor, AEW, debuting at the WrestleDream event and is currently thriving as their AEW TNT Champion in his second reign.

What were your thoughts on the Rated-R spinner belt design created for Adam Copeland during his first WWE tenure? Sound off in the comments!

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