After an incredible night in France with WWE Backlash 2024, WWE returns to Saudi Arabia in a couple of weeks with the King and Queen of the Ring tournament. This past week’s episodes of WWE Raw and Smackdown featured the first rounds for both the tournaments and the excitement for this year’s edition seems to be off the charts. 

WWE has added a lot of big names to this year’s King and Queen of the Ring tournament. After a long time, it seems like WWE has finally decided to give credibility and fame to the ones winning the respective tournament. 

In a recent edition of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T addressed this year’s tournament and stated that he had killed the tournament with his run as the King. Booker T claimed that his moniker as King Booker was a massive hit and things never went that way following his victory. 

“Yes, as far as the tournament. I feel like I broke the mold. But the thing is, I honestly said when I was doing the King of the Ring, when I first got the character. I said, ‘After I’m finished doing this character as King Booker, no one else was going to be able to do this ever again. No one else is going to ever be able to follow King Booker as king ever again.’ Nobody’s going to ever buy it, ever again. And I said that just, because of — there again, winning the King of the Ring is one thing. Being the king is something totally different. And I just felt like I had a blueprint on what being the king truly was, just because of my upbringing. Just because of all the movies that I watched in the past.” 


“And I knew exactly what I had to go out and do as king. But I also knew what I had to do in the ring as a performer as king. Because there again, the king rules with an iron fist. The king didn’t get the throne just because people liked him. He was ruthless. He was a tyrant. It was a beautiful time. Beautiful time, the best time of my career, the best time of my career, I can honestly say that. With Sharmell, Finlay, [William] Regal — Oh, man, that’s the faction right there that should have gone down in history if we had been done a little bit longer.”

WWE’s is seemingly trying to revive the face King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring holds. The second round for the tournament is set to be featured next week on Raw and Smackdown and could make things more exciting. Ringside News will keep you updated with the latest news related to WWE.

Do you agree with Booker T’s comments about the King of the Ring tournament? Let us know in the comments section below.

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