In a recent Twitter post, The Tonga Twins (Kaoz & Kona) announced their departure from WOW – Women of Wrestling, shedding light on their grievances with the promotion.

While they refrained from providing explicit details, they did not mince words in their criticism, labeling WOW as ‘evil’ and accusing the promotion of interfering with their family.

The statement, shared below, hints at forthcoming revelations:

“We will be speaking out soon. But for now, we will leave it here. To all the women who are scared to speak up, we stand for you! You will no longer see us on WOW because we spoke up! You can’t do this to GOOD PEOPLE WHO SACRIFICE THEIR FAMILY!!! So Evil. Mess with us, you mess with our KIDS and family and that’s PERSONAL. Wait on it …


Tonga Twins are now free agents!!!!!

The marathon continues

-Tonga Twins

Is us


The Tonga Twins’ declaration signals a bold stance against perceived injustices within WOW, with their departure marking a significant shift in their careers. As they transition into free agency, their message resonates with a commitment to advocate for fairness and integrity within the wrestling industry.

What are your thoughts on The Tonga Twins’ departure from WOW – Women of Wrestling? Let us know in the comments below.

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