WWE is already looking towards producing a huge spectacle for The Biggest Party of the Summer, WWE SummerSlam, set to take place on Saturday, August 3, 2024, at the Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.

With one of the Big 4 events scheduled to emanate from the state of Ohio, native stars are eyeing early on for a top spot at WWE SummerSlam, one of them being one-half of the popular tag team, DIY, Johnny Gargano.

During recent interview with Mike Jones on DC101, Johnny Wrestling acknowledged the failed quest of himself and his partner, Tomasso Ciampa to capture the tag titles on RAW. However, they are now looking towards a bright future after being drafted to SmackDown in the WWE Draft 2024.

Having said that, the Cleveland native stated that he was putting it in the universe that he and Ciampa clinch a major tag team title opportunity at WWE SummerSlam in August 2024 at the Cleveland Browns Stadium.


“We just got drafted to SmackDown and we have not gotten a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles yet. We have not won a title yet on Raw or SmackDown. We said that was our goal for 2024. If the stars were to align and me and Tommaso were to get a title match at SummerSlam for the Tag Team Titles, I want to put that out into the universe. To be able to have a title match at SummerSlam in Cleveland Browns stadium, with that crazy atmosphere.”

DIY took an interesting turn after being mistaken and showing shades of the highly popular faction, D-Generation X on RAW. However, with Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa finding themselves in a completely new landscape, we will have to wait and see if it would culminate in a tag team championship glory for them.

Do you want to see DIY compete for the WWE tag team titles at WWE SummerSlam 2024? Sound off in the comments!

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