This week’s edition of WWE NXT saw new champion Trick Williams embroiled in a heated storyline with MetaFour, notably clashing with Lash Legend. The drama escalated further when Sexyy Red, evidently invested in the unfolding events, issued a warning to the faction following the show.

During this week’s episode of NXT, Trick Williams made a guest appearance on Super Nova Sessions. Tensions flared as Williams found himself at odds with MetaFour, surrounding a mysterious yellow envelope. Furthermore, it was revealed that it contained a photo of Dar’s match with Williams where his foot was under the rope and according to Noam Dar got the ball rolling for Trick’s ascension to the top. The confrontation reached a boiling point when Noam Dar delivered knockout blow to Trick Williams, signaling potential larger conflicts on the horizon.

However, popular Rapper Sexyy Red didn’t hesitate to share her thoughts on social media, cautioning MetaFour about the imminent retaliation Trick Williams may seek following their shocking attack.

Following that, it was reported by Corey Brennan of FightfulSelect that Sexxy Red’s involvement in the storyline was termed as a partnership and not an accident with expectations of future interactions between herself and WWE.


“Sexyy Red’s integration into last night’s #WWENXT was no accident, and it was described as a “partnership. There are expectations for more interactions between WWE and Sexyy Red in the future.”

Sexyy Red’s engagement with WWE isn’t new, having previously shown appreciation for Shawn Michaels’ ‘Sexy Boy’ theme song and even remixing it. Whether Sexyy Red will grace WWE television screens remains uncertain, but her interest and speculation regarding her role add an intriguing layer to the ongoing NXT drama.

Would you like to see Sexyy Red featured on NXT television in the future? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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