Last week’s edition of NXT Spring Breakin Week Two saw new NXT Champion Trick Williams taking center stage, marking the dawn of the ‘Whoop That’ era in the developmental territory. As Williams reflected on his journey to championship glory, his moment was interrupted by Lash Legend.

Intriguingly, Legend hinted at possessing a ‘yellow envelope’ that could potentially jeopardize everything Williams had worked so hard to achieve. This cryptic message left the champion puzzled and intrigued. To find out the contents, Legend’s faction Meta-Four invited him to the Supernova Sessions for tonight’s edition of NXT.

The NXT Champion arrived on the scene as Noam Dar and his group awaited him to unravel the mystery of the envelope. To his surprise, the yellow paper contained a photo of Williams pinning Noam Dar a few weeks ago which got the ball rolling for him to defeat Ilja Dragunov for the title, according to Dar.

Furthermore, Trick Williams hinted at an interesting chemistry brewing between himself and Lash Legend, who acknowledged him as “babe” publicly to the Meta-Four’s shock. Just as Legend was about to potentially own up to it, Noam Dar struck Trick Williams and laid him on the ground before ending the segment hosting the NXT title high in the air signaling his intentions.


What do you think can be cooking between Trick Williams and Lash Legend? Moreover, will this chemistry cost Williams his NXT title to Noam Dar in the future? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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