AEW star Max Caster has garnered attention for his adept rapping skills and charismatic performances. Moreover, he wanted to capitalize on his growing popularity by acquiring a highly catchy trademark.

In recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the member of the AEW faction Acclaimed revealed that he was granted the ownership of the ‘Best Wrestler Alive’ which is also the name of his social media handle.

“It’s 100% trademarked … I am the best wrestler alive according to the US government.”

Apart from this highly intriguing moniker trademarked to his resume, Max Caster also found himself landed in a soup. The AEW star was suspended regarding controversy stemming from the content of his raps, which has led to criticism from both fans and the wrestling community.


Regarding any regrets about the suspension, Max Caster admitted uncertainty, noting that it unexpectedly boosted his career. Caster acknowledged the impact it had on The Acclaimed and himself, shaping his reputation in a way he appreciates.

Moreover, with the moniker of the ‘Best Wrestler Alive’ to his name, Max Caster is looking to make a huge impact en route a becoming a household name in the wrestling business.

What are your thoughts on Max Caster trademarking the name ‘Best Wrestler Alive?’ Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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