Max Caster, a member of The Acclaimed, gained popularity in AEW thanks to his skillful raps and charismatic performances. However, his popularity has taken a hit due to controversial content in his raps, leading to criticism from fans and the wrestling community. Despite the backlash, Caster has openly stated that he doesn’t regret getting suspended for his actions.

Caster is equally known for his controversial pre-match raps on AEW programming, which have sometimes landed him in hot water. He was once suspended for a rap that referenced sensitive topics, including Simone Biles’ mental health, the Duke Lacrosse rape accusations, and fake PCR tests.

In a recent interview on Isiah Kassidy’s YouTube channel, Max Caster discussed his journey in AEW and his controversial suspension in 2021 due to a rap that referenced Simone Biles’ mental health, the Duke Lacrosse rape allegations, and fake PCR tests. Kassidy asked Caster to describe how he felt about being suspended, prompting Caster to share his honest thoughts on the incident.

“Sitting at home for three or four weeks, it just makes you angry, honestly,” Caster began. He acknowledged that his suspension was understandable, given the controversy surrounding his rap, but emphasized that he was frustrated with not being able to perform. “Whether or not what I said was right or wrong, still angry. I want to be at work. I want to be wrestling. We had just gotten out of Daily’s Place, and we had just gotten on the road, so we’re hitting these cities, and it’s cool, going out a little bit. Then it’s like, ‘Yeah, you did this thing, you gotta stay home.’ I understand, I understand why. I understand what I said that caused that, but yeah, you’re just angry sitting at home, honestly,” Caster stated.


Kassidy attempted to transition to a new topic, suggesting that Caster might regret the suspension. However, Caster countered, indicating that he wasn’t sure whether he regretted it. He explained how the suspension actually benefited his career in unexpected ways.

“I don’t know if I regret it. That kind of helped my career, more than anything, believe it or not. Again, right or wrong, helped The Acclaimed, and it helped me a lot, and it gave me a reputation, and one that I like to live up [laughs],” Caster noted.

Max Caster was also suspended following his controversial rap at AEW Dynasty. Nonetheless, Max Caster will continue to be true to himself and that is unlikely to ever change.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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