It had been months since one of the biggest stars of AEW, Kenny Omega had been sidelined due to diverticulitis putting his wrestling career in serious jeopardy. However, the wait to see Omega was finally over on AEW Dynamite tonight.

The former AEW World Champion was announced to make his return in his hometown of Winnipeg, Canada, at the sight of tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite, making it a highly anticipated show for the fans of his country. Following a spectacular announcement by Justin Roberts, Kenny Omega came out to the ring with a thunderous response from the audience who welcomed him ‘home.’ He reflected on his illness and being lucky enough to be diagnosed in the nick of time before anything catastrophic happened.

The doctors told him that if he did not get surgery, he would carry a ticking time bomb in his stomach and have the surgery done anyhow. During the same period, he avoided watching AEW programming having trimmers and shakes in his hands in regard to missing wrestling.

Moreover, after witnessing the classic encounter between Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay at AEW Dynasty and seeing that all the best talent was in AEW, Omega proclaimed that even if it was a bleak chance, fans have not seen the last of Kenny Omega much to the delight of the audience promising.


Following that, the Best Bout Machine turned his attention to his former Elite members, The Young Bucks. Witnessing their abuse of power, he reminded them of his EVP status as well and berated them for the same. Just then, Omega was confronted by his long-time rival and the man who replaced him in the Elite, Kazuchika Okada.

While Kenny Omega asked for a few months to settle his rivalry with Okada, he was blindsided by Jack Perry. However, despite not being cleared, he fought back with his heart, but Okada’s distraction led to Perry attacking rib first with a chair. The Young Bucks then came down to the ring and while it looked like they come to stop the attack, they planted him with the EVP Trigger. Just before things got worse, FTR rushed to the aid of Kenny Omega as The New Elite retreated and Omega was helped by the medical team.

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