The addition of Mercedes Mone to AEW has sparked a notable shift in the promotion’s landscape. As a prominent figure in the history of the Jacksonville-based organization, Mone has instantly been booked as a star, but it appears Eric Bischoff had some very harsh words for Mone.

Mercedes Moné made her AEW debut in March and has quickly established herself as a formidable force in the women’s division. Since her arrival, she has engaged in confrontations with notable talents like Julia Hart and Skye Blue and others, signaling her intentions to be a major player in the company.

In a recent episode of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff shared his thoughts on Mercedes Mone and the criticisms surrounding her promo skills in AEW. His comments reflected a strong perspective on her performance with a critical edge.

Bischoff highlighted the perceived inadequacy of Mercedes Mone’s promos, comparing it to the production standards in WWE. Bischoff made it abundantly clear he did not like Mone’s promo at all.


“You give me a f**king iPhone and a flashlight, and I will produce an interview with Swerve Strickland — and I’ve never talked to the man, much less know what he’s capable of delivering. But I swear to god, you give me a f**king iPhone and a flashlight and I’ll produce a that would have blown Mercedes out of the out of the building. She was f**king horrible. Horrible.”

Bischoff discussed Mone’s background, pointing out that her style seems aligned with WWE. He noted that while he’s not a huge fan of WWE’s promos and interviews, he finds their production quality often superior to AEW’s. He mentioned that WWE’s interviews and promos are often adequate, but sometimes they fall short of achieving the desired effect due to writing or the talent’s capabilities.

“You’re pointing to Jen Pepperman, I’m going to defend her. And you pointed out that, ‘Boy, this feels like a WWE video.’ Well, she’s a WWE f**king talent, Mercedes. So yeah, imagine that. Of course it is. And by the way, if AEW could get within the same zip code of the quality of WWE promos? And by the way, I am not a huge fan of a lot of the promos and a lot of the backstage interviews, and all that s**t. I am not a fan of it; I think at best it’s adequate, even in WWE. So for all of you who don’t think I ever want to criticize WWE? I consistently point out that the interviews and the promos — not 100% of the time, but too often — are just a waste of time. They’re not horrible, but they don’t accomplish anything, and it’s a little bit of a death by a 1,000 cuts when you keep seeing talent on camera who are put into positions where they just can’t possibly excel. Either because of the nature of the shot or the interview or the writing in some cases, or just because it’s filler material and everybody knows it, they tune out of it consciously or subconsciously.

That’s usually the mark that’s kind of like the standard mark. And then every once in a while you get some stuff — usually it happens out in the ring in front of people where it should — where you get that highly charged emotional kind of roller coaster promo. WWE is phenomenal at that. But a lot of the stuff they do is adequate at best, and I don’t even know why they do it. It’s a waste of f**king time.”

Despite his critique, Bischoff acknowledged Mercedes Mone’s talent as a wrestler, praising her in-ring skills and her successful career. However, he emphasized that she might struggle when handed a microphone for longer promos. Bischoff noted that in WWE, the creative team often worked around this limitation, allowing Mone to succeed in other ways.

“But if AEW could rise — I mean, work their asses off and do everything that they could to achieve the adequate level of promo ability in WWE, they’d be light years ahead of where they are now. And that’s got nothing to do with writing talent. There’s so many talent out there, like Mercedes. And I don’t dislike Mercedes, she’s a phenomenal wrestler, she’s a phenomenal performer in the ring. She’s had an incredible run. She’s hugely successful, and I respect the hell out of her for what she’s accomplished. That doesn’t mean she’s capable of holding a mic for more than 30 seconds.

She’s just not. She wasn’t in WWE, but guess what? They knew that, and they worked around that. Because you can, if you’re smart, if you know what you’re doing. And rather, AEW hands her a microphone, says, ‘Go out and cut a promo for four minutes or three minutes or whatever.’ And every time she opens her mouth, her stock value decreases by about 10%. She’d be much better off never saying anything and just smiling and doing a little f**king dance, and coming out with funny hair and doing all that s**t. That got her over.”

In the meantime, Mone and Willow Nightingale are currently engaged in a feud. As the feud between Mone and Nightingale continues to unfold in the lead-up to the pay-per-view, fans eagerly await Mone’s long-awaited in-ring debut, marking a significant milestone in her AEW journey. Nonetheless, we’ll have to see if Mone will end up becoming a champion and prove Bischoff wrong in the end.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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