The 2024 WWE Draft has been a major highlight in the wrestling calendar, sparking considerable excitement among WWE fans and serving as a pivotal moment in the company’s history. The draft kicked began on last week’s Friday Night SmackDown, setting the stage for dramatic roster changes and unexpected surprises. This continued on Monday Night RAW, where more drafts and developments unfolded, further shaping the future of WWE.

The Draft has concluded, and the new rosters will become effective immediately after Backlash 2024. While the draft saw several NXT stars moving to the main roster, most existing WWE Superstars remained with their respective brands, with no tag teams being split up in the process. The lack of major roster changes and surprises led to a subdued atmosphere, with fans expecting more dramatic developments.

Wrestlevotes has reported on Twitter that WWE is generally pleased with the results of the 2024 Draft and how the event played out on television. Sources suggest that WWE wanted to avoid excessive high-level shuffling, as they were satisfied with the pre-draft breakdowns at the top of the card. This indicates that WWE’s aim was to maintain stability at the top while introducing some changes lower on the roster to keep things fresh.

It’s also worth noting that WWE has hinted at a potential trade or two before Monday’s “roster-locking” deadline. This provides additional flexibility for WWE to make any final adjustments to the rosters, which could lead to some unexpected moves or intriguing developments.


”Sources indicate that WWE is generally pleased with the draft results and how everything played out on TV. I’ve been told they didn’t want too much high level shuffling as they were satisfied with the pre-draft breakdowns at the top of the card. It’s worth mentioning that a trade or two is expected before Monday’s “roster-locking” deadline.”

The inclusion of trades in the post-draft process allows WWE to fine-tune the brand rosters, ensuring the best possible setup for future storylines and rivalries. However, even The Undertaker echoed the same sentiments as many disgruntled fans regarding the WWE Draft. Regardless, WWE is satisfied with how the Draft turned out and that’s what matters for them.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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