Don Callis recently shared his thoughts on the anticipated return of Kenny Omega during an interview with Tim Battle and Eli on the Battleground Podcast.

When asked if he felt apprehensive about Omega’s impending appearance, Callis responded with characteristic candor.

“Well, here’s the thing with Kenny Omega. You never know what’s gonna come out of his mouth,” Callis remarked. “When I managed Kenny Omega, I used to say, Kenny is like managing Michael Jackson, probably back in the day.”

He continued, drawing a vivid comparison between Omega and the legendary pop icon: “Kenny, I would compare him to Michael Jackson because they’re both geniuses. They’re both creative geniuses. They both did things that no one else had ever done in the entertainment, or in Kenny’s case, in the sports field.”


However, Callis didn’t shy away from acknowledging the unpredictable nature of Omega’s actions, drawing on his personal experiences:.

“But like with Michael Jackson, some days, he’d write ‘Billie Jean,’ other days, Bubbles the Chimp crapped on the floor, and someone had to clean it up. That was my life with Kenny Omega for a very long time.”

Expressing a mix of uncertainty and hope, Callis admitted, “So I have no idea what he’s gonna say. I hope he’s gonna apologize publicly to me. I hope he’s gonna acknowledge that all the success he had in the wrestling business is because of me.”

In a touching gesture, Callis also shared his delight that Omega’s parents would be in attendance for the show, revealing, “The nice thing is, his parents get to attend the show. They’ve got a van for them. They’re going to pick them up at the home and bring them down to the show. I think that’s great.”

With such candid insights from Don Callis, it’s clear that Omega’s return promises to be an event worth watching closely. For those eager to catch the action firsthand, Ringside News will provide comprehensive coverage of AEW Dynamite as it unfolds on May 1st.

What are your thoughts on Don Callis’ perspective on Kenny Omega’s return? Do you agree with his comparison to Michael Jackson, and what are your expectations for Omega’s appearance on AEW Dynamite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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