WWE has put together an exciting new concept of speed and thrill showcasing fast-paced action between WWE superstars, known as WWE Speed that is streamed exclusively on X.

Following the conclusion of SmackDown last week, the fans saw the crowning of the inaugural WWE Speed Champion. The Highlight of the Night, Ricochet secured the title by defeating Johnny Gargano in the final showdown.

The introduction of this new concept and championship has ignited excitement among fans. The Speed Championship is set to feature fast-paced matches, potentially involving three-minute bouts.

Moreover, WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque in recent interview on @XSpaces, stated that the action on WWE Speed would not be limited to the Men’s side, but would eventually feature the WWE Women’s division as well.


“It comes from short-form content. If we could take that feeling out process that talent have in the ring with each other and just have them go for broke right when the bell rings because they only have three minutes to get the job done. It makes for an exciting challenge for the guys. It makes for an exciting challenge for eventually what will be the women as well. So far, it’s been spectacular. The talent have really embraced this and gotten into the challenge of it. It’s been exciting for them and our fans as well.”

With the male WWE superstars having displayed incredible in-ring action on WWE Speed, it will be exciting to see the equally talented women, put up exceptional performances on the fast thrilling show.

What are your thoughts on the WWE Women’s division being featured on WWE Speed as mentioned by Triple H? Sound off in the comments!

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