In the current WWE landscape, the ongoing feud between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre often adds chapters to their rivalry. It reached new heights on tonight’s episode of RAW, as McIntyre took center stage to address his draft to RAW, coincidentally the same brand as The Best in the World.

In a passionate speech, McIntyre didn’t mince words, placing the blame squarely on Punk for not only costing him the World Heavyweight Title but also for fracturing his elbow at WrestleMania 40. Despite his injury, McIntyre vowed not to let it sideline him like Punk.

Tensions soared when Punk’s music suddenly hit, catching McIntyre off guard. However, instead of finding Punk atop the stage, he emerged from a skybox, further stoking McIntyre’s fury. The sight of Punk only fueled McIntyre’s rage, prompting him to storm off, likely in pursuit of his adversary. While McIntyre searched, Punk made his way to the ring, where he delivered a scathing verbal assault on McIntyre reminiscent of his 2011 infamous pipebomb wearing his vintage white tee and promising to target him once he recovers from his torn triceps injury.

Later on, Drew McIntyre took to his X to reflect on that same time period when CM Punk and a handful of other stars made his life difficult. He made it clear that while those people may have sided with Punk now, it was not the case with McIntyre, who possibly has plans to exact revenge against the former WWE champion.


‘You made my life (and a bunch others) hell back in 2011. They might be cowards now and play house with you. But that doesn’t work me brother. In 2024 you’re my b**ch.”

With another layer adding to this compelling storyline, it will be interesting to see CM Punk collide with Drew McIntyre in a one-on-one showdown once both men recuperate from their respective injuries.

What are your thoughts on Drew McIntyre looking to avenge life made hell by CM Punk since 2011? Sound off in the comments!

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