Drew McIntyre has made the most of the momentum he gained from his social media antics at the start of 2024 and has risen back to the main event scene. Recently, he reacted to a throwback endorsement by none other than The Rock.

The Rock’s knack for spotting talent has always been uncanny, and throwback video from 2019 serves as proof of his foresight in predicting the next breakout star in WWE.

In an interview, The Great One was asked about his thoughts on the future of WWE, particularly regarding the next big name in the industry. He shared that he had watched a lot of WWE superstars and confidently singled out Drew McIntyre as his pick.

The Scottish Warrior, who recently re-signed with the company took to his X to react to The Rock endorsing him as the next big top star of the company with McIntyre indeed, now established as one of WWE’s top draws.


“Recorded in 2019… “It’s all about the long game”

Adding to the intrigue, it was The Final Boss himself who recently confirmed to the world that the Scottish Warrior had re-signed with WWE by presenting him sword and putting an end to months of speculation surrounding his status with the company. With Drew staying on board, it will be interesting to see his next move in WWE once he returns from his elbow injury.

What are your thoughts on Drew McIntyre reacting to The Rock foreseeing as the next big star in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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