Shelton Benjamin has been credited as a seasoned veteran in the world of professional wrestling. Despite his release from WWE last year, there was a strong belief that Benjamin could prove to be a valuable asset to their competitor, AEW.

There had been discussions going on between Shelton Benjamin and AEW, exploring the potential for his involvement with the company and adding more star power to their roster.

However, during a recent Fightful Q&A session, Sean Ross Sapp stated that although there were plans for a program with the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, due to a certain someone being sidelined, it fell through and now Benjamin was headed to work with wrestling promotion PROGRESS.

“There were talks about him going to AEW for a program but there was a reason that slowed down. Somebody got sidelined and he’s actually going to go work PROGRESS.”


With details confirming AEW’s interest in Shelton Benjamin, this has left fans eager to see whether Benjamin will indeed make his way to AEW in the future. For now, it looks like they will see him in another squared circle.

What are your thoughts on Shelton Benjamin almost oing with AEW before plans fell through? Sound off in the comments!

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