Vince McMahon, the former board member of TKO Holdings, is currently dealing with sexual trafficking lawsuit which has changed the course of WWE for good. While he is no longer part of the company, it appears some believe McMahon is planning a ‘revenge tour’ following his WWE departure.

Over the past few months, the former WWE Chairman has been selling significant amounts of stock in TKO Group Holdings, worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

While speaking on his podcast, “The Brand,” former WWE writer Vince Russo speculated on what McMahon’s motives might be. Russo theorized that McMahon could be planning a “revenge tour” and suggested that he might invest in Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Entertainment, potentially reviving the Global Force Wrestling brand.

Russo pointed out that McMahon’s considerable sales of TKO stock could indicate that he is amassing capital for a large-scale venture. He drew attention to a recent news story involving Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment, suggesting that McMahon might consider investing in Jarrett’s business due to his knack for leveraging business opportunities.


Russo noted that Jarrett has a reputation for capitalizing on every business chance that comes his way. Given McMahon’s recent activities and his aggressive business style, Russo’s theory suggests that McMahon might plan to invest heavily in Global Force Wrestling, potentially putting in billions to create a new wrestling powerhouse or a formidable competitor to WWE.

“He is setting up for ‘the Vince McMahon revenge tour.’ I’m telling you bro. I had another conspiracy because, bro, come on… I gotta tell you something, Al [Snow]. Yesterday, there was a big news story that our good friend JJ, [Oh, Global Force Entertainment]. Bro, if there’s one guy to call Vince McMahon. Jeff Jarrett takes advantage of every freaking business [opportunity.] When I saw Global Force, I’m like, bro, Vince McMahon is gonna sink $2 billion into Global Force Wrestling, bro.”

In the meantime, Vince McMahon is still dealing with Janel Grant’s lawsuit. We will have to wait and see whether Vince McMahon is actually planning a revenge tour and ends up investing in Global Force Wrestling.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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