Tensions between Jack Perry and AEW President Tony Khan reached a boiling point on tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite when Perry’s actions escalated into a shocking turn of events.

The Scapegoat made a dramatic return during the AEW Dynasty pay-per-view, interfering in a tag team title match to aid The Young Bucks. After arriving for the show tonight, he met with AEW President Tony Khan in the ring, ostensibly to reconcile.

However, Jack Perry’s apparent truce was a ruse, as he suddenly attacked Khan after a handshake agreement. The Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada then joined Perry in assaulting Khan, leaving him incapacitated in the ring. As officials rushed to Khan’s aid, the show concluded with Perry, The Young Bucks, and Okada revealing their alliance, prompting concern from the AEW roster and Khan’s family.

In an exclusive clip released by AEW on X, The new Elite faction broke the silence following the vicious assault on Tony Khan. Jack Perry began the address furiously by justifying his actions on Khan for taking eight months off his career.


“You took eight months of my career, and you just got what was coming to you.”

Matthew Jackson took over to state that the time had arrived to shake things up and The Bucks were trying to get AEW to the level it was supposed to be at the expense of Tony Khan.

“When we came back, we said we were here to put AEW back on track. It’s time to change the world, and what you just saw out there, unfortunately for Tony, the best boss I’ve ever worked for by the way, that was just us trying to get this place back to what it was supposed to be. And that was our final play. The Elite has arrived.”

Nicholas Jackson concluded the interview by christening the new alliance of The Young Bucks, Kazuchika Okada, and Jack Perry as the best version of The Elite.

“Matter of fact Matthew, this is the best version of The Elite.”

With The New Elite making a huge statement by decimating Tony Khan, things are about to take an interesting turn with a huge makeshift already felt in the landscape.

What are your thoughts on The New Elite’s comments following their vicious beatdown on Tony Khan? Sound off in the comments!

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