Will Ospreay’s path to becoming an AEW star has been a captivating story in the wrestling world, igniting conversations among fans and insiders alike. During his standout match at AEW Dynasty, Ospreay captivated the audience with a display of extraordinary athleticism and technical prowess and now he has addressed the insane fan reaction he got.

The electrifying bout between Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty left fans enthralled with its high-energy sequences, intense drama, and seamless fusion of technical prowess and high-flying action. The contrasting styles of “The Aerial Assassin” and “The American Dragon” created a riveting clash, as each wrestler displayed their mastery of the ring.

The match was filled with rapid aerial maneuvers, heavy-hitting strikes, and meticulously crafted storytelling, which kept the audience eagerly engaged. The alternating momentum and calculated counters added suspense, while daring leaps from the top rope and inventive reversals drew audible gasps from the crowd. The roar of the fans intensified with each near-fall, reflecting the heightened excitement in the arena.

As the match reached its climax, Bryan Danielson appeared to be setting up for his finishing move, the running knee, hinting at a possible win. However, Ospreay, renowned for his ability to adapt and innovate, executed a last-second counter, causing Danielson to miss and hit the mat hard. With his opponent momentarily disoriented, Ospreay seized the moment, landing a decisive blow to the back of Danielson’s head, ensuring his victory with successful pinfall.


Will Ospreay took to Twitter and addressed the insane fan reaction he and Bryan Danielson got at AEW Dynasty, noting that he truly felt right at home and accepted by the fans in attendance.

“I wish you guys could see my point of view. I could’ve stood opposite someone that I look up to and idolise and you guys could’ve just been silent. Instead you gave us this type of reaction & respect before we even did anything. I’ve never truly felt before. In return we have to give you nothing short of our best.

It took so much of me to leave Japan to fully commit to America and a lot of it is anxiety. But this felt like you left the key under the mat and welcomed me into your home. I can’t begin to tell you all the gratitude I feel towards the fans, roster, crew & Tony to be a part of this.

Next up: Double Or Nothing !!”

Will Ospreay’s retirement of the Storm Driver 91 move after his match against Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty came as notable development, especially following the injury scare during the bout. Despite the intense final moments, it has since been revealed that Bryan Danielson’s health status is fine, with the injury scare being part of the storyline to increase the dramatic effect of the match’s conclusion. We’ll have to see how their storyline develops in the coming weeks.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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