Jeff Hardy hasn’t had the best of luck lately in AEW, as he recently suffered an injury at the hands of Sammy Guevara. While he remains absent from AEW television, Hardy has been advised to step back from pro wrestling.

As mentioned earlier, Sammy Guevara is currently serving suspension due to his role in match against Jeff Hardy on February 14th. During this contest, Jeff Hardy sustained an injury, and it seems that proper concussion protocol was not followed. Additionally, Guevara performed his finishing move on Hardy, maneuver that should not have been executed. As reported earlier, Jeff Hardy’s AEW contract is expected to expire sometime in the Spring.

While speaking on 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff shared his thoughts on whether Jeff Hardy should return to WWE or continue working with AEW. Bischoff expressed concern about Hardy’s career, suggesting that it might be best for him to retire from wrestling. He pointed out that wrestling becomes part of a person’s identity, which makes it difficult for many to walk away from the industry.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for Jeff to be working in AEW or WWE. It’s easier with AEW because they’re not on the road much, other than for television production. I think Jeff would be better off away from wrestling. It’s hard for wrestlers to leave because it becomes a part of who they are. It gets in their DNA. When they say, ‘It’s in my blood,’ that’s true for some people. Giving it up is like walking away from part of yourself.”


Bischoff emphasized that while some wrestlers can transition to retirement, others have a much harder time adjusting. He believes Jeff Hardy might fall into the latter category, though he hopes he is wrong. His advice to Hardy was to spend more time with his family and be grateful for his health, given all the wear and tear on his body from both recreational and professional activities.

“Some people can handle it; some people look forward to it. Some people have a very difficult time with it and never really truly, truly adjust. I think perhaps Jeff is in the latter category. Don’t know, could be wrong. I hope I am. Spend some time with your kids, your wife. Appreciate what you’ve got, be grateful for what you’ve got, be grateful you could still walk with all the crazy stuff you put yourself through both recreationally and in the ring professionally. Be grateful for your health, and just look back and smile. That’d be my advice.”

We will have to wait and see whether Jeff Hardy will end up retiring before having one last run in WWE, as fans just want him to stay healthy and be with his family for the rest of his life.

Do you also agree that Jeff Hardy should step away from professional wrestling for good? Sound off in the comments section below!

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