Wrestling fans have always been enthralled by the idea of dream matches that they never thought could come to fruition. However, the dream showdown between two of the best in-ring athletes in the world, Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay tore the house down on tonight’s AEW Dynasty show with The Aerial Assassin emerging victorious.

Ever since Will Ospreay became a full-time member of the AEW roster, fans have been speculating a lot of spectacular matches for him with Bryan Danielson opening the door first to those in-ring bouts last month with their match made official for AEW Dynasty.

The match was a sight that completely baffled the audience in attendance in St. Louis Missouri with two of the most amazing in-ring performers going against each other. Top rope moves, amazing feats, hard-hitting punches, and back-and-forth counters summed up the tale of the match perfectly displayed by both Ospreay and Danielson, potentially making it a Match of the Year candidate.

Moreover, the loud chants of the crowd were pure evidence of the instant classic they witnessed between The American Dragon and The Aerial Assassin. In the end, as Bryan looked to finish Osprey with the running knee, he countered the move that hurt Bryan badly, planted him on the mat, and struck the back of Danielson’s head to secure the all-important three count for the win, while The American Dragon lay in the ring with a possible injury.


What are your thoughts on the enthralling dream match that went down between Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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