Mandy Rose’s journey since her sudden departure from WWE has been nothing short of remarkable. Her exit from the company, driven by exclusive content on a private platform, could have been a major setback. Instead, Rose turned it into an opportunity for growth, showcasing her adaptability and resilience.

Mandy Rose’s tenure in WWE was marked by her outstanding performance as the NXT Women’s Champion. She held the title for over 400 days, establishing herself as one of the longest-reigning champions in NXT history. Despite this remarkable achievement, when WWE recently highlighted significant milestones in the women’s division, Rose’s reign was notably absent from the celebration and Rose understood why WWE did that.

Mandy Rose expressed her disappointment with WWE for excluding her from promotions celebrating women’s wrestling, despite her significant achievements in NXT. In her Power Alphas podcast, she acknowledged that the company might have reasons for not mentioning her name, but she criticized them for being “hypocritical” because, while her name wasn’t included on TV, they still sold her merchandise and action figures.

Rose highlighted the inconsistency in WWE’s actions, pointing out that while the promotion avoids recognizing her contributions to the women’s division, they continue to profit from selling her branded merchandise. This, she said, felt unjust and hypocritical, suggesting that it was contradictory to ignore her on television but still capitalize on her likeness and success in the merchandise market.


“I also just think it’s kind of funny and hypocritical where like you can’t get recognized on TV. Let’s say, you know, including my name in that long list of superstars but yet you can still sell my merch and action figures for the rest of my life. That part really gets me a little bit in a sense. Like, you’re gonna be able to sell my stuff for the rest of my life but yet you can’t even showcase, like, or say my name?” 

Mandy Rose has hinted at a possible return to pro wrestling, indicating she isn’t closing the door on future opportunities in the industry. However, it remains disappointing that WWE has not properly acknowledged her remarkable tenure as the NXT Women’s Champion, during which she held the title for over 400 days, establishing herself as one of the longest-reigning champions in NXT history.

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