Lars Sullivan, who was released by WWE in 2021, left the wrestling world behind due to personal reasons. Since his departure, Sullivan’s life has taken a low-profile trajectory, with little public activity or appearances. However, Sullivan recently made headlines when he resurfaced due to him threatening a spa owner.

Sullivan’s tenure in WWE was marred by numerous setbacks, stemming from his own mental health issues and legitimate injuries, starting from his debut on the main roster in 2019. The company aimed to portray Sullivan as a dominant force on the main roster, but plans faced disruptions early on.

A female spa owner took to Facebook and shared her experience with Lars Sullivan, whose real name is Dylan Miley. She explained that she had blocked him on Instagram months ago, but he recently called her spa and left a voicemail filled with profanities and threats directed at her. Fortunately, he didn’t block his phone number, allowing her to call him back. When she did, she laughed at him, which enraged him further, leading to more insults and slurs aimed at her. He was particularly offended because she supported a ceasefire.

The spa owner mentioned that Sullivan is a “washed up pro wrestler” and questioned how many other women he may have harassed over the years. She provided his phone number, stating that he was a joke and clearly unstable. Sullivan hated that she laughed at him when she called him back.


”Well, I had a super interesting morning. Some right wing nut that I blocked on Instagram months ago, called my spa and left a profanity filled threatening voicemail directed at me. Too bad for him that the “gentleman” didn’t block his phone number. So of course I called him back and laughed at him while he made threats against me, and called me every disparaging slur you can call a woman. He was especially triggered that I am in support of a ceasefire. Turn out he’s a washed up pro wrestler that went by the name Lars Sullivan. Real name Dylan Miley. I wonder how many other women he has harassed over the years. If anyone wants to call him here is his phone number: [DELETED] Dude is a JOKE, and clearly unhinged. He hated that I laughed at him when I called him back.”

In case you weren’t aware, Lars Sullivan was also outed for stalking female professional wrestlers on social media. Regardless, we certainly hope Lars Sullivan learns to be a better person.

Are you surprised by Lars Sullivan’s alleged actions? Do you feel his pro wrestling career is truly done for good? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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