Mandy Rose has experienced a whirlwind journey since her abrupt departure from the company due to her exclusive content on private platform. Despite the unexpected exit, Rose has transformed her setback into an opportunity for success in her ventures outside of WWE, embracing new business endeavors and building her brand.

During her time in WWE, Rose had an impressive run as the NXT Women’s Champion, holding the title for over 400 days, making her one of the longest-reigning champions in NXT history. However, her reign was seemingly overlooked by WWE when celebrating significant achievements within the women’s division.

During NXT last week, Tatum Paxley cut a solid promo about her obsession with the NXT Women’s Championship and listed several women who held the title before. However, WWE blatantly omitted Mandy Rose for some reason. This led to a comment from Mandy Rose as well.

On her Power Alphas podcast, Mandy Rose shared her thoughts on WWE’s apparent omission of her record-breaking NXT Women’s Championship reign. Rose acknowledged that she noticed the comments and criticisms regarding WWE’s decision not to mention her reign during a recent segment on NXT.


“I did see a lot of comments. I wasn’t really gonna respond ’cause I know how that happens. You know, if I respond, it starts to get crazy. But I did respond to one comment and all I said was: ‘Yes, disappointing but not really surprised or not really not surprising.’ And some people, you know, kinda went off on that and had their opinions and whatnot.”

Rose pointed out that it’s disappointing to be left out after all the hard work, questioning why someone can’t still be recognized even if they’re no longer with the company. She acknowledged that other former WWE stars such as Saraya and Mercedes Mone, who are currently in AEW, were also not recognized, suggesting a possible “conflict of interest” since they are with a competing organization.

However, Rose noted that she isn’t with any wrestling federation, questioning why WWE might avoid mentioning her, even though she’s not currently signed elsewhere. She speculated that WWE might want to avoid giving her additional notoriety, which could lead people to look her up or check out her content, possibly driving attention away from the current WWE product.

“I wrote that comment because I thought it was disappointing just because of all the hard work. Why can’t someone still be recognized even if they’re not in the company? I know Saraya wasn’t recognized and Mercedes Mone wasn’t recognized and they’re in AEW so I kinda get that conflict of interest in a way. But like I’m not in a wrestling federation right now. So, I don’t know. (…) But then I also see the side of, why they don’t wanna talk about people that aren’t, why give me notoriety or why give people to go look me up or go check me out on there, why would they wanna do that too? So, I understand that side. So, I get it. So, I feel like there’s mixed off feelings.” 

Mandy Rose has also left the door open for pro wrestling return. Nevertheless, it is simply a shame WWE would not acknowledge Mandy Rose’s incredible run as the NXT Women’s Champion.

Are you shocked WWE snubbed Mandy Rose in such a big way? Let us know in the comments section below!

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