The Rock’s return to WWE earlier this year has been celebrated by fans and critics alike, especially due to his compelling heel persona, which many consider one of the best portrayals of his career. His latest stint in WWE culminated at WrestleMania 40, closing another significant chapter in his storied career with the company. WWE producer Shane Helms spoke about The Rock’s unique position within WWE, emphasizing that other talent must accept his priority status.

The Great One was a major part of WrestleMania 40, as he and Roman Reigns faced off against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40 Saturday, where The Rock and Reigns were victorious. The Rock would then make his presence felt at WrestleMania 40 Sunday by taking out John Cena, but would get chokeslammed by The Undertaker.

In an interview with the Behind The Turnbuckle podcast, WWE producer Shane Helms discussed whether any WWE Superstar should feel that The Rock has taken their spot. Helms emphasized that The Rock is on an entirely different level compared to other stars and has his spot reserved for whenever he chooses to make an appearance. He stated that everyone must accept this reality.

“Well, first of all, The Rock ain’t taking nobody’s spot. The Rock’s spot is solidified. If he wants to show up, that’s his spot. That’s just how it’s gonna be and people have to recognize that. That’s the same in any form of entertainment. You go to a comedy club. If Dave Chappelle shows up, somebody might get bumped. That’s just how it’s gonna be. That’s just how it is.”


“When you got the level, you know, stars have gravity. That’s why they’re stars. Nice little metaphor there. And when you got the kinda gravity that The Rock has, that’s gonna bring in these outside eyes and attention that he brings in, man. That’s just part of the game and you gotta learn to accept that.”

The Rock is expected to wrestle another match in 2024 before WrestleMania 41 as well. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see when The Brahma Bull will make his return to the company again.

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