Matt Riddle became a controversial name in WWE because of his problematic actions outside the squared circle, leading to his release. This is especially true for his time working with Randy Orton. He might not be part of WWE anymore, but that doesn’t mean Riddle didn’t have great memories with Orton.

Before Randy Orton took a break due to injury, he and Matt Riddle formed the tag team known as Team RKBro. Winning tag team championships together, they became notable highlights on WWE television.

Matt Riddle shared insights during an interview with Johnny I Pro Show about his journey in pro wrestling and how his popular tag team RK-Bro with Randy Orton came to be.

Riddle revealed that Randy Orton played a crucial role in the formation of RK-Bro after they faced off in a singles match on the March 19, 2021, episode of Monday Night Raw. Initially, Orton was set to wrestle Braun Strowman, and Riddle was supposed to tag with Drew McIntyre against Mace and T-Bar. However, due to last-minute changes, Riddle ended up wrestling Orton. This encounter left a positive impression on Orton, who then pushed for more work with Riddle.


“Randy was supposed to wrestle Braun Strowman one night and I was supposed to tag with Drew against Mace and T Bar you know when Retribution was still around.

I don’t know what happened but Randy and Braun didn’t end up wrestling and they switched Braun with me. So I got to wrestle Randy instead. After we worked Randy spoke very highly of me. He’s like ‘I want to do something else with him’ and they already had plans that we tag.”

Despite the successful outcome, Matt Riddle mentioned that his initial idea of teaming up with Orton as RK-Bro was met with skepticism and laughter from the writing team.

“Weeks before this I suggested we tag as RK-Bro and the writing team just kinda laughed at me. Which most of my ideas they laugh and then like 2 weeks later they’ll be like ‘Hey I think we gotta do this’ and I’m like ‘Sounds awesome.’ I don’t even bring it up to them.”

Randy Orton also signed off on pitch for Team RK-Bro’s conclusion. Matt Riddle also thinks that a reunion with Randy Orton is guaranteed. Riddle might not be part of WWE anymore, but he will always have a lot of respect for his time with The Apex Predator and that’s what matters to him the most.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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