Drew McIntyre’s rivalry with CM Punk has evolved into one of the most intense and heated feuds in WWE history. The friction between McIntyre and Punk is palpable, and their interactions are filled with aggressive confrontations and personal jabs. At a recent WWE live event, McIntyre once again called out CM Punk, continuing the verbal onslaught that has defined their feud.

The feud reached a new level at WrestleMania 40 when CM Punk attacked McIntyre after his match with Seth Rollins, creating an opening for Money in the Bank winner Damian Priest to cash in his briefcase and claim the title. This betrayal not only cost McIntyre the championship, but it also fueled his determination to seek retribution against Punk.

Drew McIntyre took a no-nonsense approach at a recent WWE live event, addressing fans who were wearing CM Punk shirts and supporting his rival. His words were direct and confrontational, highlighting his disdain for CM Punk and challenging the legitimacy of Punk’s current hiatus due to injury.

McIntyre’s tirade began by mocking fans who sported CM Punk merchandise and those who tried to provoke him by flipping him off. He responded with a stern warning.


“You guys think you’re cool, you think you’re clever wearing a CM Punk shirt, trying to flip off Drew McIntyre, even though if you’re right in my face I’d drop you like the piece of crap you are.”

McIntyre then turned his focus to CM Punk, claiming that Punk is not the hero that his fans believe he is, and asserting that Punk harbors a deep-seated disdain for people, including himself.

“CM Punk is a miracle worker, he’s got you convinced he’s this big hero, he loves the people. He hates the people and the person he hates the most is himself, he’s a genuinely terrible person.”

To further emphasize his point, McIntyre addressed Punk’s absence from WWE due to injury, contrasting it with his own situation. Despite being injured himself, McIntyre made it clear that he doesn’t shy away from competing.

“He’s ‘injured’ and taking time off. Look at this, this is how much I can bend my arm right now, I’m injured but you know what, I’m not a b**** and I’m here to fight.”

We had already reported that Drew McIntyre was working injured during WWE’s latest UK tour. CM Punk is currently recovering from a triceps injury, so a showdown between him and Drew McIntyre will have to wait until he’s fully healed. There’s speculation that a SummerSlam match between the two would be an ideal scenario for their heated rivalry, but only time will reveal whether this match will materialize.

Do you feel Drew McIntyre will prevail over CM Punk once they finally square off against each other? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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