The Undertaker recently discussed his experience inducting Muhammad Ali into the WWE Hall of Fame on the “Six Feet Under” podcast.

Despite some criticism surrounding his role in the induction, Taker expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and admiration for Ali’s contributions to sports and humanity.

Reflecting on the event, Taker expressed his delight at being able to induct Muhammad Ali, acknowledging Ali’s profound impact as both an athlete and a humanitarian. He addressed the backlash he received, particularly from parts of the veteran community, due to Ali’s refusal to serve in the Army during the Vietnam War. Taker admitted to resenting Ali for this stance for much of his life but emphasized his admiration for Ali’s unwavering conviction and humanitarian efforts.

“I got a little heat from part of the veteran community. For people that don’t know, Muhammad Ali refused to go into the Army. He didn’t want to go to Vietnam…he ended up losing everything. To be honest, for a large part of my life, I resented Ali over that. But the thing is when you look at everything that Muhammad did. Not even the athletic end, not even the boxing side of it but the things he did as a humanitarian.


I still don’t agree with him not going. Your country asks you, you could do it. That’s how I am. But when you think about the conviction that he must have had and such a strong belief in what he thought was right, he gave up everything.”

Taker and co-host Matt Lyda discussed their ability to separate Ali’s decision regarding military service from his achievements in boxing and philanthropy. Taker recounted a conversation with Ali’s wife, describing her as a “sweet lady” and expressing his desire for the fans to show her kindness during his speech.

During Lonnie Ali’s speech, she presented The Rock with the People’s Championship, symbolizing the enduring friendship between the Ali and Johnson families, which dates back to the days when Rocky Johnson trained with Muhammad Ali.

What are your thoughts on The Undertaker’s reflections on inducting Muhammad Ali into the WWE Hall of Fame, especially considering the complexities surrounding Ali’s legacy? Do you agree with Taker’s perspective on separating personal feelings from Ali’s contributions to sports and humanity? Share your insights and reflections on this impactful moment in the comments below!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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