Laredo Kid secured his first championship in TNA by clinching the TNA Digital Media Championship at TNA Rebellion. In an intense bout on the pre-show, Laredo Kid emerged victorious over Crazzy Steve.

The climactic moment of the match unfolded as Laredo and Steve grappled atop the turnbuckle, with Steve attempting to unmask Kid. In a swift turn of events, Kid retaliated by biting Steve on the forehead before delivering the decisive Laredo Fly for the pinfall victory.

With this triumph, Laredo Kid ascends as the new TNA Digital Media Champion, marking a significant milestone in his career. Crazzy Steve’s reign, which began after defeating Tommy Dreamer at TNA Hard To Kill, concluded after an impressive 99 days, during which he defended the title successfully on six occasions.

How do you feel about Laredo Kid’s victory and his ascension as the new TNA Digital Media Champion? Do you think his win adds excitement and intrigue to the championship scene in TNA? Share your thoughts on this pivotal moment in Laredo Kid’s career and the future of the TNA Digital Media Championship in the comments below!

Steve Carrier

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