Ever since WrestleMania 40 concluded, the WWE Universe has been engulfed in a mystery with cryptic activities on their television programming and social media on the very next night, which followed suit on tonight’s edition of SmackDown as well.

This week on Monday Night RAW left fans intrigued as deliberate glitches and an eerie atmosphere took center stage, setting the scene for a mysterious unfolding narrative. This enigmatic saga spilled over onto social media, with the company posting cryptic tweets that were swiftly removed, only to be followed by more glitches and unsettling music on last week’s SmackDown.

The intrigue deepened on tonight’s RAW as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods prepared to compete in a triple threat No.1 contenders match for the newly introduced WWE World Tag Team Championships. As the duo made their entrance, another glitch appeared on screen, displaying a QR code that led to a cryptic graphic containing overlapping message files that were decoded.

The cryptic QR code once again flashed on tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown during Triple H’s entrance on the show. The code opened to a photo of a black figure in front of a blue sky revealing the message “I’m nobody” when zoomed into the head of the figure.


When clicked, it switched to another photo showcasing black crows and some old-era people with a video that flashed the message “I set them free, out of the miry clay, opened their eyes while you did nothing” before the message cut abruptly with the glitching screen.

Speculation has been rife for weeks regarding the identity behind these mysterious occurrences, with many suggesting that it could herald the return of WWE superstar Bo Dallas, reprising his previous persona as Uncle Howdy. As the weeks move forward, we will have to wait and see when WWE chooses to unveil the mystery once and for all.

What are your thoughts on the latest QR code message flashed on SmackDown this week? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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