Solo Sikoa and his newest ally displayed a vicious act of assault on their first target, Kevin Owens as their first act to lead The Bloodline’s charge into the new era.

The Enforcer, donning a completely new look in a smashing suit, came on tonight’s edition of SmackDown alongside The Bloodline’s Wiseman, Paul Heyman to reveal their plans going further. As Paul got emotional in regards to chants thrown at him by the fans, Solo snatched the microphone right off his hands.

Solo Sikoa reflected on the events that transpired last week with the addition of Tama Tonga and outcasting Jimmy Uso from the faction following a vicious beatdown. As Solo introduced his new brother, Tonga threw Kevin Owens from the Gorilla on the stage and joined the newly supposed Tribal Chief in the ring.

As Owens, who was visibly a bloodied mess, was helped to the back, he broke away to go right after Tama Tonga for attacking him before Solo Sikoa also intervened and the numbers game caught up to him despite the security trying to separate them.


Infuriated by Kevin Owens’ actions, Tama Tonga looked to put the exclamation point on Owens by grabbing a steel chair only for General Manager Nick Aldis to stop the attack as he, Solo, and Heyman threw their Ones into the skies and retreated from the scene with Kevin Owens receiving medical attention from the WWE personnel.

Following the end of the segment, Nick Aldis revealed that Tama Tonga deliberately crashed his car into Kevin Owens’ car leading to him being beaten and battered.

What are your thoughts on Tama Tonga viciously attacking Kevin Owens on SmackDown? Sound off in the comments!

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