Tony Khan has emerged as one of the most remarkable leaders of the wrestling industry with his promotion, AEW, and building it up as a direct competitor to the business leader, WWE. But his recent actions proved that he is also a kind-hearted individual.

The AEW President and CEO recently consoled a person, who recently outlined his life situation on social media. The user stated that he put in a valiant effort to ask his ex-girlfriend to reconsider her decision to leave him, but she chose to walk away from his life.

Moreover, he also stated that he lost his best friend, house, and even his dog along with his loved one and had never experienced such immense lows in his entire life.

“Well, shot my last shot. Asked my ex if there is anything I could do to make her reconsider. Bargaining. Offering to quit smoking. Everything. No go. Well at least I know I gave it my all. Losing my gf, best friend, home & my dog. I am like country song. I have never been so low.”


This caught the attention of Tony Khan who took to his X to send his regards to him and believed that he would emerge stronger after losing practically everything an individual aspires to have in life.

“You’re going to get through it! You’ll make a great comeback!”

The act certainly shows the sensitive side of the businessman Tony Khan, despite being ridiculed for his decision to air the controversial AEW All In backstage footage recently on Dynamite. But as far as his personality is concerned, Khan can be credited as a good human, to say the least.

What are your thoughts on Tony Khan consoling a person who lost everything in his life? Sound off in the comments!

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